DRSG front and side angled

Our new range of Dorchester DR-SG stainless steel condensing water heaters with enhanced durability and large continuous outputs provide a durable and long-lasting solution.

Available in ten power outputs over three storage capacities, the Dorchester DR-SG range features a durable stainless-steel tank, heat exchanger and coil for enhanced performance, efficiency, and increased service life.

Suitable for both renovation and new build projects, including locations with substantial and continuous hot water demands such as hotels and sports facilities, Dorchester DR-SG meets the latest Building Regulations and offers significantly improved efficiency and performance when replacing a non-condensing water heater.

Featuring a robust design, the latest addition to the range is designed to offer outstanding performance under challenging water conditions and cope with the extremities of soft and hard water.

Incorporating a user-friendly design, Dorchester DR-SG water heaters are operated via the popular Siemens LMS mini controls platform. Featuring an intuitive digital control panel with a clear backlit LCD and a scroll wheel to navigate between different setting screens, LEDs are also incorporated into the user interface to enable quick and easy identification of any potential faults. 

Suitable for retrofit into a vast number of installations due to being approved for multiple flue system types, all Dorchester DR-SG models are convertible to run on LPG.

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