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Dorchester DR-LL atmospheric water heater DR-XP stainless steel water heater

The Dorchester range of direct fired water heaters now include the DR-LL (atmospheric low NOx) and DR-XP (stainless steel).

The Dorchester DR-LL is an atmospheric low NOx water heater which was specifically designed to meet the requirements of ErP regulations and refurbishment projects alike.  It can be used on old systems with existing atmospheric flues (the draught diverter will require changing), saving on costs for flue replacement. If the existing system is a flue cascade, then the appliances and draught diverter will require replacement to comply with BS6644 & IGEM UP10. The integral burner produces low NOx emissions (34-45 mg/kWh) and complies with the ErP regulations. The water heater is available as two models with continuous outputs (50°C delta T) of 970to 1300 litres/hour, recovery rates from 16 to 23 minutes and a working pressure of up to 8 bar help to meet the continuous demands of taller buildings.

An optional unvented supply kit (up to 3.5 bar working pressure) which enables direct connection to the water hot supply reduces the risks associated with cold water storage tanks. It delivers better hot water performance at taps as well as higher hot water pressures in low level buildings.

A stainless steel option for soft water areas

The Dorchester DR-XP is a condensing water heater with stainless steel tank available in two models (38-46kW input) of 184 litres storage capacity. With an ErP efficiency of 91% - 93% and NOx emissions ≤ 53 mg/kWh, it is compliant with the latest ErP regulations that were further restricted in 2018.

Thanks to the grade 444 stainless steel tanks, no anodes are required to protect it from corrosion. This makes it a great choice for soft water areas. With an operation temperature of up to 85°C, stored hot water stretches further (up to 15%) thanks to mixing. As fully room-sealed appliance, it can be sited in small compartmental areas. Flexible flue options mean the water heater can be installed almost anywhere. For easy servicing, all components are accessible from the front.

Completing the Dorchester range

Both water heaters have an easy-to-use LCD screen and are compatible with natural gas. The Dorchester DR-XP can be converted on site for use with LPG (conversion kit required). They both deliver an independent hot water supply from the main boiler and hence increase the efficiency of a heating/hot water system.

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