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Twin returns for maximum efficiency

Hamworthy introduces another Stainless Family member: The floor standing Varmax condensing boiler.

The Varmax is a powerful, fully ErP-compliant, all stainless steel condensing boiler. It is designed for demanding applications with high output requirements.

Trevor Struck, Product Manager at Hamworthy Heating explains,

“We recognised the need for higher outputs and greater energy efficiency in many projects, such as district heating schemes operating with wide differential temperature. Twin return connections accommodate split temperature heating systems, allowing greater opportunity for the boiler to condense, improving system operating efficiency. Generous insulation surrounding the heat exchanger contributes to low running costs by minimising standby losses.”

The boiler’s long-term reliability is ensured by high quality fully welded stainless steel heat exchangers that are less prone to corrosion caused by poor system water quality. 

An internal circulation pump with non-return valve provides even heat distribution at low system flow rates, simplifying installation with no need for a low loss header or dedicated primary circuit. The internal combustion non-return flap makes the boiler easy to install in cascade flue arrangements. 

The integrated Siemens LMS controls platform delivers reliable, futureproof and simplified site controls due to its expandable controls options and built in sequence control. Easy servicing and commissioning of the boiler is made possible thanks to a reversible control panel, along with quickly removable door panels and access doors to all important components. 

Maximum water pressure of 6 bar as well as natural gas and LPG compatibility make the Varmax a good choice even for off-grid locations seeking more efficient and cleaner heating sources than oil with low environmental impact (rated NOx Class 6 with <40mg/kWh).

The Varmax comes with a 5-year warranty on the heat exchanger and is available in 8 single (120kW to 450kW) and 4 dual models (550kW to 900kW).

Visit the Varmax product page here.


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