Christian Robinson, new Hamworthy area sales manager for London area

The team recently welcomed our new London Area Sales Manager, Christian Robinson. Christian has extensive knowledge of the heating industry, backed by a wealth of sales and engineering experience in the oil, gas and water sectors.

Christian joined the business in May 2023 as an Area Sales Manager in London supporting contractors and consultants in selecting suitable commercial boilers, heat pumps and hot water heaters. With a background in electrical and mechanical engineering, Christian has worked closely with contractors, consultants and specifiers for over ten years to provide solutions to a wide range of applications.

When it comes to commercial heating and hot water solutions, there’s no “one size fits all’ approach. The real challenge is finding the right solution for that particular project. Christian explains:

"What works for one building might not work for another. There might be space constraints, noise issues, power limitations, etc. to consider, so it’s really important to work closely with consultants and/or contractors to help find the most future proof and efficient solution for each individual project.”

With heat pumps one of the key technologies driving us towards a more sustainable future, Christian has already started to see a trend towards air source heat pumps now surpassing boilers for specifying in London, with the challenges of space and higher flow temperatures being of particular interest to customers. Going forward, Christian is looking forward to Hamworthy being at the forefront of ASHP system and Hydrogen boiler design and installation and being a part of the solution to the climate change issues we face.

Throughout his career, Christian has been involved in a variety of interesting installations, which include an exciting trip to an offshore oil rig in the North Sea, where he helped to install gas turbines. In his spare time, Christian enjoys playing golf, chess and spending time with his family. A fan of the theatre, Christian also enjoys days out to National Trust properties.

To get in contact with Christian, you can contact him here