Sector: Independent charity
Building: Building refurbishment
Products: Stratton mk3 wall hung boiler
Application: Space heating

Featuring Vernacular Revival style architecture with Tudor undertones, the stunning brick and ashlar building features a gabled  entrance with a side turret, solid chimney stacks and distinctive stone mullioned windows to admit plenty of light to aid visual communication. Based on two floors, the site has a vast floor plan with a range of rooms that require space heating. These include a sports hall, a fully licensed bar, a chapel, a billiards room, a TV lounge, and kitchen facilities, all of which are used weekly by an over 55’s committee, a social committee, a play group, a sports committee, a church committee, and the Hull visual choir. 

To evaluate the heating requirements of the Hull & East Yorkshire Centre for the Deaf, a site visit was commissioned free of charge by Tucker Mechanical & Electrical Building Services. 

Tucker Mechanical & Electrical Building Services (formerly known as Neville Heating Ltd) celebrates its 50th year anniversary in 2023 serving the mechanical and electrical services sector. Based in Hull, the company is a committed team with a wealth of experience in a range of diverse projects, ranging from small commercial to large office, retail, leisure, educational, hospitality, medical and industrial sites. 

With cost being a major consideration for the charity, Tucker Mechanical & Electrical Building Services decided that replacement system that offered a reduction in carbon footprint would be the best way forward in helping to lower operational costs.

To help the charity to achieve maximum savings, Tucker Mechanical & Electrical Building Services identified Hamworthy’s Stratton mk3 wall-hung condensing boiler system with stainless steel heat exchanger as an ideal replacement. The selected model delivers an output of 70kW, a gross seasonal efficiency of 95.5%, and features integral sequence
controller, 5:1 turndown and quiet operation. The system was provided free of charge by Hamworthy as a test site
before its launch in February 2023. Accessories also supplied free of charge include two frame and header kits to increase the overall output of the boiler system up to 140kW, a plate heat exchanger, pressurization unit, and an expansion vessel.

The Stratton mk3 boiler system replaces the building’s existing boiler and heating system which was installed in the late 80’s (1989). Although suitable at the time of installation, the original boiler was experiencing a greater frequency of breakdowns and had reached the end of its serviceable life. Furthermore, replacement parts had been discontinued and only available as made-to-order, which is both expensive and time consuming. Given the nature of the building and its frequency of use, being without a heating system for any length of time was not an option. 

Moving to a wall-hung system, such as the Hamworthy Stratton mk3, provides the building with a space-saving alternative to its previous floor-standing unit. Featuring a lightweight stainless-steel design and a compact footprint, the Stratton mk3 was installed on an internal frame. This allowed space to fit pump equipment and a plate heat exchanger
for hydraulic separation to preserve the internal boiler components.

Kevin Peacock, Tucker Mechanical & Electrical Building Services, commented: 

“We chose the Hamworthy Stratton mk3 wall-hung boiler due to its compact footprint and better boiler accessibility. As a company, we only align ourselves with reputable companies which offer quality products and Hamworthy have never let us down. Always on hand to provide valuable support and advice, the Hamworthy team is reliable, efficient, and always a pleasure to work with” 

Following the upgrade, Hull & East Yorkshire Centre for the Deaf now benefits from a reliable and energy-efficient stainless steel boiler system which has enabled the charity to reduce its carbon footprint, lower fuel bills and make additional savings on future maintenance and servicing.